Who doesn’t like going on vacation?
No matter who you are or what your social standing in the world is, chances are you like to get away from it all for a while. Chaucer’s immortal Canterbury Tales are all about different groups of people going on vacation—OK, pilgrimage, but that’s as close to vacation as most Medieval citizens could get—and the play’s famous opening lines not how April showers bring renewal…and Chaucer isn’t just talking about the grass being renewed and more fertile.
In that spirit, here are four destinations to travel towards so your Vacation really does turn out to be “all [you] ever wanted” and improve your sex life
The City of Lights, the City of Love—Paris is as much of spark to sex drives across the world as ever. The opera, the Louvre, the many, many theatres and cafes, Notre Dame, the Arc d’Triumph—the sites are too numerous to name. Besides, part of the enduring charm of gay Paris is discovering it anew with a partner.
Las Vegas
Sin City’s another no-brainer. Warm climate (to say the least) and a world capital for gambling, entertainment and naughtiness, Las Vegas is a cliché, but one worth visiting if you’ve never been before. When we think about how to improve your sex life, we’re talking about introducing a new spark or sense of surprise back into the relationship, and the unpredictable nature of Las Vegas can definitely provide something like that. On the other hand, if you go regularly, it ceases to be all that surprising, and while it can still be fun, it may well lose some of that fire.
The Countryside
It was the go-to destination in Chaucer’s day for pilgrim’s looking to for a “chance to get away,” and the warm green fields of England—or anywhere else with such a lush, green landscape, for that matter—can still serve as a fantastic destination to improve your sex life come spring. This is a definitely a seasonal pick—it’s not as if those rolling green fields bustling with fertility will really rekindle the flames if the grass is dead and the land frozen over—but if you do time it right, having an outdoor picnic with your partner or just resting together on the warm green grass can really help you both get in touch with the fertile surroundings and, yes, one another.
How can you take a vacation at home? How can that improve your sex life?
Well, “staying in the hotel room” is a pretty euphemism for rekindling that Chaucer-like sense of sexual love, and staying home allows you to do that without spending a fortune on airfare and a room you and your partner may not be enamored with. Instead, take a few days off work, gather items you partner is likely to find arousal, and celebrate the coming of spring with the person that helps you bloom every day. Take the time to show them you care.